Testimonials for RG Bud Phelps of Bud’s Practical Accounting & Consulting

“Last year I talked with Bud Phelps about my small business.  He helped me to set up an accounting system with QuickBooks to help me manage and analyze my business.  Bud was very encouraging and made me believe it is possible to manage all of this information and how I can use it in to see where the business is and where it can go.  I appreciate his help, encouragement and support.”

-Beth Vosoba, Essence de Provence

“I first read Bud’s book “Cover Your Nut” and then hired him to help me organize my accounting system so that my records became an efficient management tool for my business.  As opposed to accountants I have worked with over the years, Bud didn’t try to baffle me with his knowledge and wasn’t solely concerned about my records for tax purposes.  He helped lay things out in a clear, simple and concise manner so that I could successfully operate and manage my business.  Isn’t this what it’s all about?  I would recommend Bud to any small business owner looking to gain a better and more thorough understanding of the financial side of his/her business.”

-Judson Byleen, Judson Irrigation

“I first had the privilege of working with Bud when I was in the process of improving the overall financial structure of my first company.  Bud was the first individual I had EVER met that was successful in communicating and assisting me in practical, strategic accounting and practical financial management.  So many individuals I had met were solely focused on tax savings vs. best practices in financial management. His no nonsense results oriented approach is quite refreshing as you can learn something from Bud from the very first time you visit with him.  His incredible knowledge is evident from his 50 plus years in the industry and his willingness and ability to stay tuned into the day to day challenges of CEO’s and executives in various organizations.  I consider his book – COVER YOUR NUT, a must read for any CEO or business owner looking to run their business with timeless conventions of practical financial management.  As I co-founded my next company it was a not even a question to bring Bud on as a strategic adviser to Turbine Interactive in helping us establish our accounting system and proper drivers for success.  I would whole heatedly recommend his book COVER YOUR NUT as well as engaging him in any strategic financial advice on running and growing your business.”

-Jason Petersen, Principal Turbine Interactive

“Our business has used RG “Bud” Phelps as a consultant during the implementation of our new MRP system.  His input was invaluable.  He has excellent knowledge of cost accounting, and the ability to communicate it in a sensible way.  He made a number of recommendations based on a wealth of manufacturing experience that significantly streamlined our system.  I would strongly recommend “Bud” as a resource when you are seeking expertise in the field of accounting.”

-Randy Coleman, Operations Manager Plymouth Industries, LLC

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