Online Practical Accounting Services

Online Practical Accounting Services 

Online Practical accounting services include consulting and coaching.  This Online service is intended for one-on-one communication between Bud’s staff and the client.  The principal communication will be via email, telephone, skype, or Google+ Hangout.

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A flat rate fee is charged for the initial consultation with subsequent meetings being billed at normal hourly rates.  To request a proposal for online practical accounting services  click here and complete the service request form.

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Business Development

Online Practical accounting services provided for the assistance in development of a Business Plan.

    • Business Plan Outline
    • Business Structures

Practical Accounting

Online Practical accounting services coaching session for a better understanding of Small Business Accounting.

  • Identify key revenue sources
  • Match key cost of goods to revenue
  • Identify key expense groupings

Accounting Software

Intuit QuickBooks setup and support:

  • How to navigate the software
  • Chart of Accounts development
  • Working with lists (customers, vendors, and items)
  • Customizing reports

Financial Statements

Online Practical Accounting Services Coaching session for ease in reading and understanding Financial Statements:

  • Key indicators of the Balance Sheet
  • Key indicators of the Income Statement
  • Key indicators of the Cash Flow Statement

Worksheet Development

Online Practical Accounting Services for financial worksheet development:

  • Fixed Asset & Depreciation Worksheet
  • Prepaid Expense Worksheet

Financial Report Review

Online Practical Accounting Coaching session for month end, quarterly or annual financial wellness review.

  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Internal management meetings
  • Stockholders or Investors meeting
  • Lending institution meetings
  • Suggestions for Financial Statement distribution.


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