Practical Accounting Teaching

What are Practical Accounting Teaching Presentations?

Practical accounting teaching presentations can consist of classes, special company presentations and/or speaking engagements.  RG Bud Phelps has made practical accounting presentations through special requests from colleges, municipality organizations, and business groups.  Special customized accounting teaching presentations and have been to meet organization needs.

Practical Accounting teaching presentations can also be customized utilizing one of RG Bud Phelps’ books shown below:

Each Book is designed for Practical Accounting Teaching

The Business Plan and Beyond/with Practical Accounting Teaching applications

Cover Your Nut is presently utilized for Practical Accounting teaching

The term Cover Your Nut has been used by accountants for teaching the simple principle of the Cover being the Revenue and the Nut the Expenses.

A peddler went into a small western town with a wagon full of goods, driving his team and wagon up to the towns hotel.  Seeing the Innkeeper out front of the hotel, the peddler said, “I have spent all my money on the goods here in my wagon and am requesting a room for this week while I’m here.  I’ll pay you for the room as soon as I sell some of my goods.  The Innkeeper, being an intelligent individual, said, “Take the nut off of your wagon wheel and lean the wheel against the wagon.  When you’ve sold enough goods to cover your room, you’ve covered your nut.”

Final-cover-Cover-Your-Nut / with Practical Accounting Teaching applications

RG Bud Phelps can customize his practical accounting teaching presentations to meet the special needs of a business or organization through Power Points  designed specifically for you.  Bud has opened the door for other accounting services through these presentations.

For a list of upcoming events available to the public visit the Events page of the site for dates and times for these events.

RG Bud Phelps’ previous practical accounting and business plan presentations:

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DSC_0483Bud is able to tailor his presentation to meet the needs and goals of your organization.  To request a proposal for Bud to speak to your group or organization click the button below and complete the small group and speaking request form.

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